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Curriculum Development,


Learner Assessments and Evaluations

Curriculum Evaluations

At Academic Union (AU) we engage with big ideas and important problems in National and International level. In the history of curriculum development, teaching and learning, learner assessments and evaluations, curriculum evaluation, there has often been a disconnect between research and practice. In addition to doing research, we are committed to studying best practices for converting research into action and to informing practitioners to enhance all level of learners in every domain.

Educators are constantly having new ideas on how to improve their teaching for increasing level of learners. We can provide guidance on what research evidence says about what works. We have a team of educational evaluation experts who can determine the right methods to test new ideas and convert educator innovations into meaningful research.

We seek to connect researchers, learners and practitioners from across universities and all level of schools within all over the world. Teaching and Learning research and innovation effects every discipline. New innovations can arise from any source. We support projects that require the expertise of more than one discipline and seek to transmit knowledge widely.

In short, in accordance with above mentioned Academic Board functions, Academic Union will guide followings:

  1. Research
  2. Curriculum development
  3. Effective teaching- learning
  4. Measurement & evaluations
  5. Curriculum evaluations
  6. Creating innovative models in various fields of education
  7. Leading educators’ professional development
  8. Collaboration of Ministry of Education, national and international universities, organizations and all level of schools.
  9. Publications
  10. Scholarly activities (conferences, panels, symposiums, seminars etc.)