What is a Cambridge Associate?

What is a Cambridge Associate?


A Cambridge Associate provides the link between Cambridge Assessment International Education and individual schools and colleges.

A Cambridge Associate identifies and attracts schools to support the growth of Cambridge programmes and qualifications in their country, and manages the relationship with these schools on our behalf.

The role of a Cambridge Associate varies depending on the nature and size of their organisation and the way they agree to work with us. Some of the activities Cambridge Associates carry out are described below.

Growing the network of schools in a country

  • Identifying suitable schools to teach Cambridge programmes and qualifications.
  • Organising the registration and ongoing security inspections for each new school.
  • Promoting Cambridge programmes and qualifications.

Support for Cambridge Associate schools

  • Encouraging the professional development of teachers in associate schools by setting up access to the Cambridge Teacher Support website for each school.
  • Coordinating training for teachers in associate schools.
  • Sending regular updates to us, including lists of schools, premises and sub-contractors.

Administration of examinations

  • Supporting associate schools through the Cambridge Exams Cycle.
  • Submitting examination entries to us.
  • Ensuring the examinations run smoothly at each associate school, including providing facilities and country-specific administrative support.
  • Ensuring security and integrity during examination sessions.
  • Processing special consideration and access arrangement applications.
  • Distributing results and examinations certificates.
  • Processing results enquiry applications.

Security of examination materials

  • Distributing timetables and explaining how to follow them correctly.
  • Ensuring examination materials are stored and handled securely to maintain their integrity.
  • Distributing examination papers and materials securely to and from each associate school.

Financial coordination

  • Managing all financial arrangements with us on behalf of each associate school.
  • Accepting payments for our products and services from associate schools.


Title: What is a Cambridge Associate School and how to become one?

Schools that want to run Cambridge International programmes have the option to complete their registration via a local Associate. Academic Union supported by Horizon Education Consultancy supports the schools through the preparation, registration and implementation processes.

There are registration standards the schools are expected to meet to be able to start working with Cambridge International. There is a rigorous selection process and an official approval visit. While some schools may be ready to start the programmes straight away, some others may take a few months or a year to prepare for the implementation and the approval visit.

Some of the Cambridge registration standards could be found in the document below:

Becoming a Cambridge Associate School Guide

For further information on becoming an Associate School, please check Cambridge International’s website (http://www.cambridgeinternational.org/cambridge-for/cambridge-associates/support-for-cambridge-associate-schools/ )  and to contact us directly please click here.