Cambridge Face-to-Face Training

The teacher training sessions given by Cambridge Assessment International Education took place between the 18th and 19th of November.

Cambridge face-to-face training courses are designed to support those teaching a particular syllabus. The courses helped to develop classroom practice through a variety of workshops. There was also time to develop an understanding of syllabus structure and how candidates were assessed through practical marking activities.

Training Subjects:

IGCSE Chemistry 0620 (Introductory)

The aims of the course are to explore and understand;
• The syllabus requirements
• Different teaching strategies
• The assessment process
• The use of assessment documents to inform teaching
• The practical papers so teachers can support students in developing practical skills
• The marking process
• Lesson planning

Day 1 involves classroom activities with: instruction; paired and group activities; discussion and feedback; and planning exercises.

Day 2 in the morning is laboratory-based; carrying out an actual practical paper and considering the way that the appropriate skills could be taught to students.

In the afternoon we will be considering lesson planning with participants using the skills developed during previous sessions to plan an example lesson

IGCSE Biology 0610 (Introductory) 

The Introductory IGCSE Biology (0610) training aims to help delegates understand the syllabus requirements, as well as the assessment process. We look at different teaching strategies and also explore ways in which assessment documents can be useful in teaching. The course is a great opportunity to share best teaching ideas and help all our learners make the best possible progress in their learning.

IGCSE Global Perspectives 0457 (Introductory)
The purpose of the training is to ensure teachers are familiar with the requirements of the IGCSE syllabus for Global Perspectives.
The objectives are to equip teachers with understanding and teaching/ assessment for learning techniques so that they can prepare their learners for assessment.

Teachers will be trained using interactive techniques that they can use in the classroom.

IGCSE English as a Second Language (Introductory)
The purpose and the objective of each training is to help teachers further understand the preparation and delivery of teaching sessions in order to deliver the syllabus in an effective way. Also to facilitate the development of learners English skills with the end goal of preparation for the final examination.

The training is all about discovering key points through active learning exercises and sharing good practice.
The aim is for teachers to leave feeling more confident and to build networks with other centres in order to further share good practice.

Primary English as a Second Language 0837 (Introductory)

Teachers will begin to experience the Cambridge approach and understand the curriculum documents and how they relate to teaching. They will explore active learning ideas and how to use formative assessment effectively. Sometime will be spent planning and delivering a mini teaching session.

Cambridge IGCSE Physics 0625 (Introductory)

The purpose of this Introductory training is to enable teachers to gain confidence in delivering the course to their students through improved familiarity with the course content, and knowledge of an increased variety of teaching approaches for making the subject matter exciting an appealing, thus maintaining the interest and involvement of their students.

This has been achieved by involving the delegates in activities which highlight some new teaching techniques they can put to use in the classroom, as well as exercises which increase their knowledge and understanding if the way candidates are assessed in this subject, and how they can draw the best possible performance from their students.


Cambridge CIE Training - November 2017