Dr. Craig Kissock, is founder and Director of EducatorsAbroad Ltd. (EA) and University of Minnesota emeritus professor of education.

Beginning as a teacher educator in 1967 he has taught in the USA, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. Since 1987 he, and his EA colleagues, have developed and implemented pre and in-service professional development strategies for educators in 84 countries worldwide leading to globally recognized professional qualifications.

He works with teacher educators around the world to:

  • Foster use of a global perspective of teaching and teacher education in educational decision making.
  • Assure all pre-primary, primary and secondary school students have teachers who model validated expectations of effective educators in our global profession.
  • Provide personalized professional development worldwide for prospective and employed educators who are fluent in English.


He has directly supervised the teaching practice of student teachers in over 30 countries (including the first U.S. teachers in Russian and Lithuanian government schools), served as Chair of the Global and International Committee of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and has co-edited journals representing the viewpoints of teacher educators in several countries.